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What's your Personality,

Experience the power of personalized psychological assessment with Maya.

Gain a profound understanding of yourself, achieve personal growth, and thrive like never before.


Tell your stories to Maya, An AI Psychologist Assistant, expert at unearthing personalities from deep human subconsciousness.

This method of personality assessment was originally developed at Harvard University in 1930.

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DALL·E 2024-05-25 00.27.57 - A full-body portrait image of Maya, an empathetic and intelli

Maya is Just an AI Assistant, Really Good At

Empowering Therapists

Enhancing therapeutic practices with AI-driven insights for better client outcomes.

Assisting Psychologists

Combining cutting-edge technology with traditional methods to support mental health professionals in delivering better client care.

Mental Support

Increase assessment turnaround times and deliver therapeutic effectiveness

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Ready to explore your mind? Book your session with Maya today and experience the perfect blend of technology and empathy in psychological care.

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