Ashwarya Gupta

Is a Product Thinker & Marketer by profession,

Storyteller & Communicator by passion.

Design Thinking Trainer

Mindfulness Meditation Coach

New Age Technology Practitioner (Blockchain, AI, IOT)

Game Designer

Short Film Maker


My life journey started in a small town in India called Ayodhya. This legendary city of Ayodhya is the birthplace of Lord Rama and the centerpiece of the epic Ramayana the epitome of Hinduism. Not just this, the early Buddhist and Jain canonical texts mention that the religious leaders Gautama Buddha and Mahavira visited and lived in the city. 


So you see being born, growing and learning in a city that is surrounded by so much spirituality has always had a subconscious impact on my life with an inner craving to learn more.


But as time passed my formal education took me away from home town to Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in the capital city and then to the beautiful city of Sydney Australia where I received Masters in Business Management for University of Technology, Sydney. 


Further, I have worked for more than 12 years in the corporate world driving innovation and new product development for loads of startups & multi-nationals like J.P Morgan & Chase, Mitsubishi & Bosch, working on cutting edge technologies like Blockchain, AI & IOT. 


Innovation as a topic itself requires digging deeper into the human mind and coming up with new and innovative ideas that revolutionize the way we think. Some secondary research into successes of great product developers including famous Steve Jobs, one thing stood out that most of these people had visited India in search of spirituality and further found success when implementing the learning in their work life.


This brought my curiosity back to my origins of Ayodhya and I started to explore the secrets more about Mediation and spirituality to unlock the hidden powers of the human mind. A few years back I started my own Podcast Series called “Thinking Psychologist” where I interact with the top Psychologists, Monks, and scientists of the world with the aim of understanding the human mind.

Now I have transformed & fully trained myself into an experienced teacher of Mindfulness, meditation, and further on a continuous journey to find the true meaning of life.


All the learning that I impart is the culmination of my interactions with the experts in their field and my personal explorations of the world from Paris to Dharamshala to Sydney.


Looking forward to interacting with you all.